Raindrop Falling

A Westerner's journey into the center of the self

Raindrop Falling

ISBN# 978-1-7344457-0-1 - eBook
ISBN# 978-1-7344457-1-8 - Paperback

It has been a privilege to live. The miracle of self-awareness is precisely that. My recognition of life enveloping my every step is truly a marvel. Time, that elusive but unyielding heartbeat of existence, is an ingredient of Life worthy of recognition. My time here is short, and the time for me to go is growing shorter by the hour. While I am mindful and aware, I choose to devote the time I have remaining wisely. I aim to be a patriot of the heart.
T.A. Mann

Tell me about your latest book and what inspired you to write it?

Raindrop Falling (Fiction) is a story about a young man (T.A. Mann) who feels he has discovered the Kingdom of Heaven, hidden in plain sight. In his frustration to convince others, he embarks on a journey to see how deep the rabbit hole goes, only to find he is not alone. One only needs deep appreciation with a heart full of gratitude, and Eden appears before your very eyes. This book is his journal and his efforts to convince the reader of his epiphany.

My inspiration to write this story is a childhood dream, a story concept I have had for decades and never put pen to paper. The author of the book T.A. Mann is the character in the book written in a first-person narrative. This piece required me to put myself into my protagonist’s head, the style resembles having a conversation with a dear friend around a campfire. The reader becomes the silent voice in this setting. I hope you give it a read.
~~John Slowsky